Showtek announces new Hardstyle album, comeback tour

Eindhoven, Netherlands -

Dutch producers Showtek, after a lengthy adventure with new house music production, has shocked their fans by announcing a new hardstyle album that will hit the shelves in 2015, along with a tour spanning several different countries.

Below: Showtek’s artwork for their hit album “Analogue Players in a Digital World” - one of their most famous hardstyle releases.
Showtek’s 2015 tour has a few confirmed countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and the United States, with a few more to be announced. It’s safe to say that hardstyle enthusiasts will rejoice at the change of heart that the dutch producers have chosen.
More info is yet to be announced on Showtek’s official websites and social media outlets.
EDIT: “I live for hardstyle, I live for hardstyles baby!” followed by nothing but house music is very misleading and frustrating  for the true fans that really care about your music and are the most loyal and passionate followers on the planet. Look at the comments on your post, Showtek. Your fans want you to make hardstyle. Almost 100% of them. Those people at Ultra that come to see you are not your fans. They don’t even care about who or what’s playing. Of course you’ll have more “fans” making music that appeals to pop culture. But once again, look at your comments. Your fans, your REAL fans, the ones that get tattoos of your old lyrics and have literally been saved and rejuvenized by your old music, wants you to go back to the hard sounds where it’s obvious to many where you belong. If it’s not about what your true fans really want, what is it about?